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Justice... in the USA?

Fighting for freedom against "the House of Stark"

Vance Astrovik
24 August 1977
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(((This is a role-playing LJ. If you don't know what I'm talking about then why are you here?)))

What I thought I knew:
I grew up idolizing astronauts and Captain America. Wishing to follow in my idol’s footsteps in the role of explorer and hero I entered the New Mutants Training Institute. I didn't join SHIELD, though they tried to get me to sign up, because I didn't see them as an avenue to space exploration. They are too militant and not concerned with scientific discovery for its own sake.

I was upset to discover that not everyone shared my respect for Steve Rogers. I thought that maybe people just didn’t know enough about him so he decided to write a report on him, and to include a personal interview as part of it. I tracked down Steve and found him being harassed by mutants. When I fought them off they called me a sapien-lover, and other un-repeatable insults. I was angry, “This man is worth 100 times what you are!” I declared to them. But Steve told me, “There’s no place to respect a man like me in this world.”

We talked for quite a while, the interview forgotten. At the end Steve Rogers pulled out his shield. “But I thought it was in the Smithsonian,” I remarked. Steve shook his head, “You think I’d actually let them take my shield away? That one is a replica. But this one… I want you to have it, Vance.” I think I actually started to cry, yes I am an uber-geek thankyouverymuch. “No,” Steve said, “You’ve got to have heart. Balance it with what you got in your head or you’ll wind up dead. But heart is what got me through everything. Heart is what you got, Vance. I’m not going to live much longer. Five years, tops. I haven’t touched this thing in over fifteen. But it would be an honor, son, an honor for you to carry it.” I tried to turn it down, but finally agreed.

Months passed. My schooling ended the day a class discussion got ugly. “But how can we ignore all the many achievements humans have made throughout their history? How can that all be ignored?” I asked. “You’re glossing over all of the pain and violence they perpetrated upon each other. You’ve forgotten things like the Holocaust,” Xian Coy Mahn, my teacher, responded. “I haven’t forgotten,” I returned, “But there are still those horrors today.” I continued over the scoffing of my classmates, “How is it everyone is ignoring what is going on in North Africa? Apocalypse is committing genocide but no one cares because it is only humans. We care more about endangered owls and frogs than we do about people! And Magnus, he lived through the Holocaust but will turn a blind eye to this one because it doesn’t affect his people! That is the lowest of hypocrisy.” The room went silent. Xian warned me that this was seditious talk. To that I replied “If the truth is seditious then call me a traitor.”

After an incedent with SHIELD agents I went underground, traveling the country and doing what I could to help people and spread the idea that this was not what America was created to be. What happened to a land of equality, I would ask. People started referring to me as the Nomad, the Patriot, or even as Captain America. But I would just say that I was an American, one of many. I eventually hooked up with Clint Barton, Hawkeye (violet_arrows), who clued me into the fact that this wasn't real. Someone had altered reality on a massive scale. I found proof that I could have used to turn the heroes to our cause but it was stolen by SHIELD agents. And before I could figure out what else to do... it all changed again.

Before this House of M fiasco I was one of the Avengers, Earth's Mightiest Heroes. That's over. I was engaged to Angelica Jones, my fellow Avenger called Firestar. That's also over. Before all that, though, I was a founding member of the New Warriors. THAT is definitely over. Some of them were in a battle with some villains when one of the bad guys, Nitro, used his power and ended up killing over 600 civilians. Including a school. The backlash against heroes has been insane. (Nobody seems to remember that it was a VILLAIN that was responsible for the deaths.) The government has mandated that heroes sign up with them and become, essentially, agents of SHIELD. Those who didn't comply were branded as traitors and hunted down by SHIELD and the heroes that have signed up, led by Iron Man.

And the whole thing ended with the death of my idol. Now I'm wondering why I was so concerned with "fixing" the House of M. Hell, I haven't even mentioned "M Day" where every mutant save about 200 lost their powers.

Oh, and now I'm working for "the Man."


And I'm also taking care of a 1,000 year-old version of myself from the future, crankyoldastro.

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